Photography and Video Services

Commercial and Residential
Real Estate
commercial and residential real estate

Aerial photography provides a marketing advantage for both residential and commercial real estate. Your potential buyers enjoy a perspective and scale of surrounding scenery from unique aerial vantage points. High resolution photos of the interior of a home also showcase its selling points. Full service packages are available for covering home interiors in addition to aerial imagery.

Engagements and Weddings
Engagements and Weddings

Celebrate and cherish the moments of your life with high-definition photos and video. Wedding engagements, portraits, live events and family gatherings can be preserved for you to enjoy again and again!

Environmental Portraits
Sarah at Nauset Beach

Natural settings are the perfect backdrop for life events or professional portraits. Environmental portraits are more personal than traditional “headshots” produced in a studio. Locational portraits can reveal character or even tell a story about your life, whether at sea, near a cabin in the dunes, on horseback or during an engagement ceremony.

Sailing, Charter & Pleasure Boats

Aerial video can reveal the light and color of the ocean in an unforgettable way. Filming action from the air over the ocean or above a lake engages the viewer in an exciting experience. An aerial perspective may make a big difference when showcasing your boat or yacht for sale or rental.


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